Access Reliable Helpdesk Support Anytime You Need It

Even if your organization has in-house IT staff, some issues are best solved collectively with outside IT support. Our dedicated team of experts provides remote and on-site helpdesk services to make sure your organization’s IT systems run effectively.

Why Helpdesk Support?

Eliminate IT Frustrations

One of the biggest obstacles during an employee’s workday is technology that isn’t functioning right. With unlimited helpdesk support, staff won’t stress when IT issues arise, knowing that expert help is readily available.

Ensure a Smooth Transition

Upgrading to new IT systems can often be challenging for management and staff. Ensure that implementation goes smoothly by relying on experienced professionals who have supported numerous nonprofit clients through the transition process.

Don’t Exhaust Your Resources

While you may have IT staff on-site, IT issues often require more time and resources than is ideal. Don’t exhaust your in-house resources when complex issues can be solved more efficiently with dependable helpdesk assistance.

We offer unlimited helpdesk support to keep your organization running well.

It can be challenging for a nonprofit organization to support their users effectively. Even if you have internal support, daily minor issues can drag on the productivity of your team and keep your IT folks running back and forth fighting fires. Unlimited helpdesk support will ensure that your users get quick answers to IT issues, ultimately enhancing your productivity and empowering your mission.

How It Works

Community IT provides expert IT helpdesk support executed with the same high level of expertise and investment that might come from an employee. We offer relationships with a team of experts who become part of your organization and deliver proactive, future-looking solutions appropriate for your organization. For larger nonprofits with in-house IT teams, we provide supplemental IT support to fill any gaps in staffing or expertise. Our services can be tailored to your specific staffing model and technology environment.

In short, our helpdesk team members bring a collaborative approach and deep expertise to help your IT team and nonprofit organization succeed.

Webinar: Managing Google Workspace and Office 365 Together

Join Dominique Diggs from Social Justice School and Norwin Herrera and Carolyn Woodard from Community IT Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 3pm Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific to discuss managing a hybrid platform.