Guest blogger Ryan Triffitt works as the Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Idealware. He focuses on expanding the reach for their products and services.

Idealware, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides thoroughly researched, impartial and accessible resources about technology to help nonprofits make smart software decisions.
Nonprofits maintain a complicated relationship with technology. Most know that software can streamline their processes and help fulfill their missions more efficiently and effectively, yet lean staffing and tight budgets mean they’re unable to devote the time necessary keep up with new technologies and find the right tools.
However when founded in 2005, not everyone believed in the model of impartial, wide-reaching software reviews. Some thought the unique needs of individual nonprofits were too specific for the idea to work. However, with 500 downloads of our very first report—and more than 75,000 report downloads, hundreds of articles and many thousands of hours of training delivered since then—Idealware has evolved into a trusted, valuable resource for the nonprofit community.
From the most basic questions (like how to use software to help manage emailing hundreds of people at once), to the more complex (like understanding the role of social networking and mobile phone text-messaging in fundraising strategy), organizations need a trusted source for answers.
Idealware provides an authoritative online guide to the software that allows U.S. nonprofits—especially small ones—to be more effective. By synthesizing vast amounts of original research into credible and approachable information, Idealware helps nonprofits make the most of their time and financial resources. And, our reach is expanding.
Live Online Trainings
Each week Idealware delivers live online training based on our extensive research to the nonprofit community. Idealware seminars are designed to give participants the tactical advice needed to make smart technology decisions. The 90-minute seminars are limited to 25 participants allowing ample opportunity to ask specific questions and interact with the presenter. For an in-depth lesson, we also offer five and six part online courses. These intense trainings delve deep into specific topics and include access to weekly office hours—one-on-one access to an Idealware staff member with knowledge of the course topic. Finally, Idealware offers a comprehensive and growing library of recorded seminars ready to go, whenever you need them.
Who’s behind Idealware?
Idealware is made up of a small, growing staff—aided by a community of experts, including content partners and contributors—and overseen by a remarkable board and set of advisors. As we grow, we are in a unique position to build capacity from all angles for a wider variety of organizations. It allows us to cultivate new and exciting partnerships throughout the sector. It feels as if every day, we have conversations with foundations, membership organizations, and nonprofit capacity-builders about new programs, new projects, and new ways of thinking. We can feel tremendous momentum all around us. We’re evolving and growing. It’s an exciting time at Idealware.