The Challenge: Legacy Applications Out of Step with Current Needs.

Community IT grasped the client business needs and recommended information system solutions and implementation approaches that transformed their global operations. 

The client sends consultants and volunteer experts to developing countries to provide managerial and technical expertise to private enterprises, emerging industries, financial institutions, and governments. Working in more than 130 countries, the client was positioned for a new period of growth.

The client was heavily invested in a core set of legacy applications developed specifically for the organization, many of which had not seen a significant upgrade for more than a decade. The business model of the organization had changed considerably and the applications no longer effectively addressed their needs.

The Solution: Strategic and Information Systems Assessment by Community IT

The client took the bold step of reconsidering its entire information technology strategy, including all information systems. 

Community IT was engaged to analyze the needs of the organization, propose an overall strategy for redesigning its approach to IT, and lead the organization to specific information system selections for finance/accounting, HR/talent, program management, and business development. 

Community IT helped the client to create an information technology strategy and set of specific tactics for the implementation of the selected cornerstone Information System technologies.

Community IT also performed a high-level audit of the client’s network and made strategic recommendations for improvement.

Community IT worked with the client to 

In performing the work, Community IT relied heavily on its considerable experience with non-profit organizations, its business analysis capabilities, and its experience in helping organizations to select and successfully implement IT solutions.

The Results: An Approach for Creating an Engaged Global Network

Following implementation, the client had a connected global business community where all operations staff, practice leads, program managers, and chiefs of party are collaboratively engaged in performing the work of the organization, using common business processes and tools.

With full Community IT support throughout the process the client felt empowered and comfortable investing in IT solutions, knowing that Community IT knew and understood their nonprofit culture, and was providing vendor-agnostic recommendations based on combined expertise in nonprofits and technology. Responsive Community IT staff provided answers to all client questions and guided them through the software selection and implementation all the way.

Community IT grasped the client business needs and recommended information system solutions and implementation approaches that transformed their global operations. 

Community IT also provided part-time interim CIO services to guide post-implementation operations and planning until permanent executive IT staff were hired. Community IT assisted with the executive search.

Community IT was able to help the client move to the right IT solution for them. We are always ready to support our clients face their real needs and constraints. We use our IT and nonprofit expertise to guide clients as they navigate their changing IT needs. You can be sure we are dedicated to the success of your mission and will help you find the solution that fits you.