Windows 1.0 Photo
Last month, Microsoft announced a re-alignment of its engineering teams into three new divisions:  Windows and Devices, Cloud and Enterprise, and Applications and Services.
This change represents a reversal of previous Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s attempt to unify the company around a single strategy. It is important to note that Cloud Enterprise gets top billing and is a top priority for Microsoft in this re-alignment. Just as important is the relegation of Windows with Devices into what feels like a legacy division: the XBox is losing ground to the PS4 and the Surface remains a marginal product (although extremely popular at IT professional conferences.) The shift in priority for what was once the cornerstone and linchpin of the entire company is extremely telling.
Windows 10 ships on July 29, so the timing couldn’t be better. Look for more analysis, reviews and recommendations regarding Windows 10 on our blog in the coming months.
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photo credit: digibarn 073 via photopin (cc)