Reaching out to others with compassion and care, speaking well of others when they are not around, and taking interest in others, these are all traits of leaders who value relationship. In these times when the focus is on “getting things done”, it is easy to loose sight of people – and regardless of the mission an organization has, it is in the people business. Darryl Jones, Sr. Vice President of CEO of Maryland Nonprofits shared these and many other thought-provoking words in the opening session at Maryland Nonprofits’ Annual Conference. Dave Deal, CITI’s CEO, and myself participated in the one day conference centered on the theme “Sustaining Nonprofit Leadership”, held on March 2, 2011. Here are a few other take-aways:
Leaders are good listeners, and listening supports learning.
Leaders stay in touch with emerging trends and issues, to help determine what talents and resources they will need to address them.
Leaders clarify vision, communicate the vision, and align daily activities with that vision.
Leaders need to build up their resiliency ahead of time, so they can be ready for a crisis when it comes.
It is okay to have plan A, B, C and D and to know that you may have to jump to next plan. The main thing is: have a plan.
One’s leadership style may need to shift to support each generation … from a talk by afternoon keynote speaker Peter Brinckerhoff, author of “Generations: the Challenge of a Lifetime for Your Nonprofit“: