And Do I Need It On Everything?
A quick article from C|Net with a good basic explanation of 2-Step Authentication, a second layer of log-in that can help protect your accounts from being hacked or compromised. Fortunately/ unfortunately, 2-Step Authentication can be overridden when you (or someone posing as you) contact a company to explain you have lost your account password entirely (or your smart phone) and need help accessing your account – it can take several days so it takes a patient and persistent hacker, but if there were no way to override 2-Step Authentication your account would be unrecoverable in that situation. While there is no 100% secure login formula, we should all take steps to secure accounts – especially to services that can be used to publish something in our name.
A good password manager in combination with 2-Step Authentication will save you a great deal of hassle.  PC Magazine online evaluated free password managers recently – because no one can remember all those passwords unless they are super easy/hackable.
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