Community IT offers free webinars monthly to promote learning within our nonprofit technology community. These webinars are appropriate for a varied level of technology expertise and we take questions! Community IT is vendor-agnostic and our webinars cover a range of topics and discussions. Something on your mind you don’t see covered here? Contact us to suggest a topic!

“..these are always super informative & engaging. Lots of food for thought & motivation!”

– a satisfied webinar attendee

Webinar: Nonprofit IT Expert Round Table

Join CEO Johan Hammerstrom, CTO Matt Eshleman, and Director of IT Consulting Steve Longenecker for expert analysis of nonprofit IT trends on Wednesday, January 18 2023 at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific.

Video: Staffing IT Positions at Nonprofits

CEO Johan Hammerstrom and guest Nura Aboki discuss staffing issues and options and when you know you should outsource or hire or build your IT team from within.

Video: Security Training for Nonprofit Grantees

Matt Eshleman, CTO at Community IT and Jada Breegle, Chief Information Officer at Legal Services Corporation discuss an email anti-phishing training project for 100+ grantees case study.

Video: 10 Free IT Security Tools for Nonprofits

Hosted by Nonprofit Learning Lab, with CTO and cybersecurity expert Matt Eshleman. Learn about free tools to protect your nonprofit from scams and hackers.

Video: SharePoint for Nonprofits

Kyle Haines, Partner at Build Consulting, and Steve Longenecker, Director of IT Consulting at Community IT go over questions on file sharing, migrating to SharePoint and other considerations.

Video: Nonprofit Tech Trends Leaders Need to Know

Hosted by Nonprofit Hub, with CEO Johan Hammerstrom and CTO Matt Eshleman. Learn top trends to help you budget and plan for IT at your nonprofit. Available on-demand.

Video: Cyber Insurance for Nonprofits

Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard from Lockton Insurance talks with cybersecurity expert Matt Eshleman about ways the market is changing and how to learn what coverage you need.

Video: Managing Google Workspace and Office 365 Together

Norwin Herrera and Carolyn Woodard discuss managing a hybrid on-line platform, with Dominique Diggs from the Social Justice School in DC helping present a case study.

Video: Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Join Steve Longenecker, Director of IT Consulting, and Carolyn Woodard for a discussion of all things Google Workspace for Nonprofits.

Video: Moving Office IT Considerations – Update

William Maxwell and Rick Alloway discuss planning for an office move, downsize, or getting rid of your office – what are the IT considerations? When should you start planning?