Community IT offers free webinars monthly to promote learning within our nonprofit technology community. These webinars are appropriate for a varied level of technology expertise and we take questions! Community IT is vendor-agnostic and our webinars cover a range of topics and discussions. Something on your mind you don’t see covered here? Contact us to suggest a topic!

Webinar: Nonprofit IT Staff Training How-To and Why

Free webinar on prioritizing staff IT training to save money and stay safe from cybercriminals – September 22nd at 1pm Eastern with CEO Johan Hammerstrom and co-founder/Partner David Deal from Build Consulting.

Webinar: Discovering the Value of Your Nonprofit IT Budget

Free webinar on strategic IT budgeting tips hosted by Nonprofit Learning Lab, September 27 at 4pm Eastern with CEO Johan Hammerstrom.

Video: Power BI for Nonprofits

Learn how your nonprofit can harness big data and business intelligence with Microsoft Power BI. With minimal ramp-up, your organization can start to visualize and analyze your key data.

Video: Beyond the Office – Nonprofit IT Support Trends

Listen in on nonprofit IT expert and Community IT CEO Johan Hammerstrom for a Q&A discussion of trends and topics in IT support for in-office, remote, and hybrid offices.

Video: Prepare Your Laptops for Takeoff

CEO Johan Hammerstrom, Steve Longenecker, Director of IT, and Phil Oswald Christano, Senior Engineer, discuss how Microsoft Autopilot saves time and money configuring laptops remotely.

Video: IT Management Fundamentals

In this popular video, CEO Johan Hammerstrom discusses IT Management from the leadership side. Don’t focus on the technology itself – learn how to manage that technology effectively.

Video: Microsoft Teams Telephony for Nonprofits

Join Sarah Wolfe and CTO Matthew Eshleman for a discussion on ditching your traditional physical office phones for Microsoft Teams telephony for nonprofits.

Video: Nonprofit Cybersecurity – Balancing Best Practices, Budget, and Team Productivity

Join CTO Matthew Eshleman, CEO Johan Hammerstrom, and Peter Mirus of Build Consulting for a discussion on leadership challenges in managing nonprofit cybersecurity.

Video: Nonprofit Cybersecurity Playbook

CTO Matthew Eshleman presents the release of our newly updated Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits Playbook, available as a free download.

Video: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom. What Works Best for Nonprofits?

Guests Maya Grigorovich-Barsky and Liz Glaser from America’s Promise Alliance with Johan Hammerstrom discuss collaboration tools that work for nonprofits.

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