Community IT Voices is a series featuring interviews with Community IT employees.
In this series, we talk about nonprofit technology career paths, career resources, skills, and certifications.
We will also touch on mentoring opportunities as you start out on your career
and ways to give back if you are further along.

Learn what employees at Community IT do, and learn what you need to know to join us!

For more information and to apply, check out our Careers page.

Community IT Voices: Robin Harris Update, Cloud Technology Engineer

Community IT Voices interview with Robin Harris, updates from her recent promotion to Cloud Technology Engineer and her work on complex client migrations.

Community IT Voices: Ben Nuest, Centralized Services Administrator

Community IT Voices interview with Ben Nuest, Centralized Services Administrator, about joining remotely to work on complex automation tasks.

Community IT Voices: Ann Corran, Controller

Community IT Voices interview with Ann Corran, Controller, about joining the company over two decades ago and our focus on work-life balance.

Community IT Voices Update: Norwin Herrera, ITBM Team Lead

Community IT Voices interview update with Norwin Herrera, IT Business Manager (ITBM) Team Lead, on how ITBMs work with clients to move them to well-managed IT.

Community IT Voices: Emeka Okocha, IT Business Manager

Community IT Voices interview with Emeka Okocha, IT Business Manager at Community IT, about his career path from Nigeria and his daily activities troubleshooting and advising.

Community IT Voices: Matt Eshleman, Chief Technology Officer

Community IT Voices interview with Matt Eshleman, Chief Technology Officer, on the way his job has changed in 23 years, the need for cybersecurity expertise, and the role of nonprofit IT planning.

Community IT Voices: Galen Wenger’s New Endeavor, Orchard Stack

Community IT Voices interview with Galen Wenger on his new endeavor, Orchard Stack, a software solution for food delivery nonprofits.

Community IT Voices: Biggest Nonprofit Tech Stories of 2022

The biggest nonprofit tech stories of 2022 selected by senior staff and some under-reported IT NPtech stories with wide impact.

Community IT Voices: Rivel Koulle, Help Desk Analyst

Community IT Voices interview with Rivel Koulle, Help Desk Analyst, about being recruited to join Community IT right out of computer classes in bilingual school, and how to find mentors.

Community IT Voices: David Dawson, Senior Engineer

Community IT Voices interview with David Dawson about his superpower: listening, and his superskill: solving IT puzzles as a Senior Engineer handling escalations from the Community IT help desk.