Single Sign On (SSO) for Nonprofits

Single Sign On (SSO) for Nonprofits offers cybersecurity options for larger organizations in addition to MFA and password managers.

Microsoft Windows 11 Update

Here comes Windows 11! Are you ready? What does this update mean for your nonprofit organization? When should you plan to move to this platform? Learn the latest.

Nonprofit Cybersecurity Self-Quiz

Take a 10 minute self-assessment designed by our cybersecurity expert, Community IT Innovators’ CTO Matt Eshleman.

BizTech Named Community IT Innovators Among 30 Nonprofit IT Influencers to Follow in 2021

BizTech Magazine named Community IT Innovators one of their 30 nonprofit technology influencers to follow in 2021 and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join this list of thought leaders.

Community IT Voices: Jose Antonio Peña-Rosales, Service Desk Manager

An interview with Jose Antonio Peña-Rosales discusses his career path, what Community IT does to support clients on days when they are under technology stress, and what it was like joining the help desk as an immigrant to the DC area.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice for Nonprofits

Microsoft 365 Business Voice for nonprofits offers many features for Office 365 subscribers that let you ditch a traditional office phone system. Here are some features and tips.

How to Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You know multi-factor authentication MFA is important, but how to you install it on your devices? Learn how and why this free step can be a crucial protection for yourself and your nonprofit.

Ransomware Security Tips for Nonprofits

Ransomware is malicious software which encrypts data until a large fee is paid to the attackers. You may think your nonprofit is too small to be targeted, but ransomware attacks increasingly are automated, putting all organizations at risk.

Microsoft AutoPilot Saves Time on Laptop Configuration.

Learn more about Windows Autopilot, coupled with Intune – a new way we have been deploying laptops remotely at many of our clients.

TechSoup Basic Security on the Cloud for Nonprofit Staff 101 with Matt Eshleman

Join an on-demand class on basic cloud security for beginners with our cybersecurity expert, Community IT Innovators’ CTO Matt Eshleman.

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