Podcast: Carole Melvin on Fighting Financial Fraud

Carole Melvin from Your Part Time Controller (YPTC) walks us through newer scams and new ways for nonprofits to protect themselves.

Community IT Voices: Rob Schamberg, Community IT Board Member

Community IT Voices interview with Rob Schamberg, recently retired from the Community IT Board, about his years of service during the transition to Employee-Ownership.

Blog: Microsoft Copilot Implementation Roadmap for Nonprofits

Learn a roadmap from other nonprofits who have implemented Microsoft’s Copilot enterprise AI tools.

Podcast: Making IT Governance Work for Your Nonprofit – Implementation

Jeff Gibson from Build Consulting and Nura Aboki from Community IT delve deeper into the barriers to implementation, and offer advice and tips on successfully rolling out new policies.

Blog: Free Resources for Building IT Policy at Nonprofits

Free templates do exist so you don’t have to start from a blank page.

Podcast: Cybersecurity Updates for Nonprofits

José Antonio Peña-Rosales and Matt Eshleman offer tips and practical advice to protect yourself and your nonprofit from new threats.

Blog: Community IT Sponsors Rosemount Golf Tournament

Chris, Vince, Norwin and Nitcha played in the Rosemount annual Golf Tournament which Community IT sponsored.

Podcast: Email Safety and Spam

Johan Hammerstrom shares tips and practical steps to decrease the junk emails, spam, and targeted phishing attacks in your inbox and protect yourself and your nonprofit.

Podcast: Assessments and IT Maturity

Nura Aboki, Community IT Senior Consultant, discusses the value of tech assessments and how they can help you determine your IT maturity level and invest accordingly.

Blog: SharePoint or Google Drive?

Is SharePoint or Google Drive a better place to share and store files?