2021 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report Download

Download this 3d annual report which shares some of our experiences and insights and establishes a solid business case for making cybersecurity an organizational priority.

Do Nonprofits Need Cyberinsurance?

Cyberinsurance is increasingly a point of consideration for nonprofits – but determining your need for it requires consideration of a range of factors.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Charter Schools

Cybersecurity in the education space is different from the mid-sized nonprofit IT networks that Community IT typically supports. We’ve learned a few cybersecurity best practices for charter schools that can help you keep your technology both accessible and safe.

SolarWinds Breach Updates for Nonprofits

Updates on next steps for your nonprofit following new information on the cybersecurity incident at SolarWinds. Learn what you can do in response and explore more links and resources.

SolarWinds Incident – Nonprofits Response Options

A cybersecurity incident at SolarWinds impacts the Orion cybersecurity platform and some products. Learn what Community IT is doing in response and explore more links and resources.

The Nonprofit Guide to Remote Work: Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

Are you utilizing SharePoint and Teams to your best advantage?This guide will help you understand these tools, learn where they can help your productivity (especially as you work remotely), and to find more resources to help you use your IT effectively.

Return on Investment (ROI) in Nonprofit Technology Decisions

The Community IT sponsored Idealware ROI in Nonprofit Technology has everything you need to make the case to your nonprofit decision-makers for your next technology project.

What Is SharePoint? Nonprofits’ Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to nonprofits’ frequently asked questions on SharePoint as a file server, how it works, how it integrates with Teams, and questions on pricing and implementation.

Microsoft Teams Pricing for Nonprofits

If you are an Office 365 subscriber you already have access to one of the best video chat and web event platforms available, Microsoft Teams. Here is some information on pricing for nonprofits.

Microsoft for Nonprofits Roadmap: Updates from Ignite Conference

The Microsoft Ignite Conference includes bold visions for for-profit tech that will have clear impact on nonprofit tech.

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