Up Close & Personal: Jenny Huftalen

At Community IT Innovators, we have an eclectic and diverse team with many different interests, joined by a desire to […]

Developing a Data Retention Policy

A data retention policy helps determine what data you keep, where you keep it and for how long. During a […]

Making the Move to the Cloud

We may have jumped the gun a little by discussing what systems to migrate, but now we are going to […]

Seeking Relationship – is it Transactional or is it Real Commitment?

We care about many relationships – with loved ones, and with the professional relationships we have with staff and colleagues […]

Moving from Strategic Planning to Strategic Management (Part II)

Strategic management is a logical set of connected activities that enables the organization to make its strategy work. It is a process.

Moving From Strategic Planning to Strategic Management (Part I)

Seventeen years ago, researchers at IBM concluded that the anticipated value of Information Technology (IT) investment was not being realized because …

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