Tips for Purchasing Desktops

I’m frequently asked to help clients purchase Windows desktops. It’s a task for which CITI has developed some specific best […]

Let's Talk IT

We love sharing the latest IT trends with you, but we realize that you have burning questions you want to ask, […]

Forcify: Learn the Nuts & Bolts of Salesforce

Guest Blogger Brian Pickett works as a Senior Consultant at Jackson River. He works with nonprofit organizations on all aspects […]

Making the Move to the Cloud

We may have jumped the gun a little by discussing what systems to migrate, but now we are going to […]

Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy

The cloud, the cloud, the cloud. It seems that you can’t open up a web browser or go to a […]

Nonprofit Tech Funding: Dream to Reality

We recently received an email from one of our nonprofit clients asking for suggestions for finding funding for their technology […]

Making Technology Work for Your Nonprofit

Community IT Innovators’ Katherine Mowers, Senior Consultant, and Matthew Eshleman, Director of Professional Network Services, shared about their work to […]

Sustaining nonprofit leadership: highlights and insights

Reaching out to others with compassion and care, speaking well of others when they are not around, and taking interest […]

Seeking Relationship – is it Transactional or is it Real Commitment?

We care about many relationships – with loved ones, and with the professional relationships we have with staff and colleagues […]

Moving from Strategic Planning to Strategic Management (Part II)

Strategic management is a logical set of connected activities that enables the organization to make its strategy work. It is a process.

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