Video: Making IT Governance Work for Your Nonprofit

Nura Aboki and Jeff Gibson in a webinar exploring what IT policy documents you need, and how to create or revise them for your nonprofit.

Panel: Dialing In – Being Strategic About Nonprofit Tech

CEO Johan Hammerstrom on a panel hosted by NXUnite on strategic nonprofit tech decision making.

Podcast: Working with an Outsourced IT Business Manager

Steve Longenecker and Pat Sprehe from Community IT give tips and examples on maximizing the relationship with outsourced IT and matching the IT you need with your business strategy.

Video: Design an IT Roadmap to Create Value

CEO Johan Hammerstrom, hosted by Nonprofit Learning Labs, in a new webinar on designing a strategic IT roadmap to create value at your nonprofit.

Video: Leadership in IT at Nonprofits

Johan Hammerstrom in conversation with David Deal on learning what you need to lead IT projects, how to grow your leadership skills, and how to align your nonprofit’s business needs with your IT strategy.

Video: Staffing IT Positions at Nonprofits

CEO Johan Hammerstrom and guest Nura Aboki discuss staffing issues and options and when you know you should outsource or hire or build your IT team from within.

Video: Cyber Insurance for Nonprofits

Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard from Lockton Insurance talks with cybersecurity expert Matt Eshleman about ways the market is changing and how to learn what coverage you need.

Video: Discovering the Value of Your Nonprofit IT Budget

Strategic IT budgeting tips hosted by Nonprofit Learning Lab, with CEO Johan Hammerstrom. Learn better IT budgeting and see your nonprofit thrive.

Video: IT Management Fundamentals

In this popular video, CEO Johan Hammerstrom discusses IT Management from the leadership side. Don’t focus on the technology itself – learn how to manage that technology effectively.

Building the Foundation for IT Innovation: Download This Guide.

This Community IT Innovators guide is now available online for viewing and sharing. Learn how to set your nonprofit up for successful innovation with a solid technology foundation.