The Right IT Strategy Will Support Your Operational Success

Your information systems are critical to the health and growth of your nonprofit. Implementing a comprehensive IT strategy will allow you to focus on what your organization does best – achieving your mission. By planning for future IT, you can handle your budget and time for tech projects wisely, setting your nonprofit up for success.

Community IT’s unique approach of partnering with client organizations to reach long-term goals means you get our expertise and experience at every turn. IT strategy has never been so easy.

Why IT Consulting and Strategy?

Increased Efficiency

When nonprofits implement effective IT solutions, upgrade aging systems, and rely on dependable IT service support, employees can operate more productively. When IT works well, so does your organization.

Plan for the Future

Consulting with an experienced IT firm allows your organization to ensure that your systems are future-proof. Take your organization to the next level by implementing a comprehensive IT strategy that will keep your systems on the right path.

Protection Against Threats

In the ever-changing world of technology, cyberattacks can easily compromise your systems. With a strategic IT solution, you’ll be proactive in avoiding technological catastrophes and be up and running quickly if an IT incident does occur.

We offer IT consulting and strategy to keep your organization running safely.

It’s challenging for a nonprofit organization to manage all aspects of IT on its own, even with in-house IT staff. Doing it all – managing the security of your data assets, providing reasonable recovery times, and keeping costs effective – is a complicated endeavor. Add in trying to budget for equipment replacements and upgrades, and planning for that long-overdue database migration, and you can feel your bandwidth being stretched thin.

Community IT partners long-term with our clients, so the health of your IT systems is important to us. Your leadership and finance teams can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of nonprofit IT vendors, trends, and opportunities for savings or growth (or both!) You need someone you can trust, who knows the landscape, and who knows your organization.

How It Works

At Community IT Innovators, we create a multi-layered, monitored, and constantly updated approach to IT. We offer multiple assets for planning and strategy. To start, we provide your organization’s staff with an all-encompassing nonprofit IT service solution so you can focus on your mission, with expected monthly costs that make it easy to plan your budget.

We also offer face-to-face relationships with a team of experts who become part of your organization and deliver proactive, future-looking solutions appropriate for your organization. Every client is provided an IT Business Manager as part of your Community IT team. Because we work in partnership with you to manage long-term IT needs, our day-to-day conversations always fit within your roadmap, saving you time and budget.

In short, our nonprofit technology consulting and strategy services allow your organization to trust that all aspects of your IT are well-managed and will function as intended, going forward, with no budget surprises.

Nonprofit Technology Consulting and Strategy

Project Consulting

When you are facing big decisions, are working on big projects such as a migration or implementation, or just want additional advice on planning and budgeting for future tech needs, our projects team can provide consulting services specific to your needs. Our team of experts become part of your organization and deliver proactive, future-looking solutions appropriate for your organization.

IT Business Manager

These managers are a resource dedicated to matching technology solutions to Managed IT clients’ business needs. To do this well requires an ongoing conversation with the client to continually understand your business needs, and then effective communication with client staff and leadership on the specific technology solutions to meet those business needs, and how to budget for that IT.

Day-to-Day and Long Term

The IT Business Manager makes day-to-day recommendations on IT investments, training programs, maintenance, and licenses. They help the client be forward-looking, and act as a vendor-agnostic, trusted advisor with deep knowledge of the nonprofit IT software and platforms available. Community IT works in partnership with clients to manage a long-term IT roadmap.

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