June, 2020. Community IT would like to take a moment to talk about the events of the past few months, specifically the protests in DC and the advocacy of the Black Lives Matter movement against the epidemic of police violence in our country. Like many of you, we have been shocked and overwhelmed by what has been happening.

Let us say, first and foremost, that racism in all its forms is wrong, and the ongoing murder of innocent African Americans at the hands of police is a heinous social problem that must be addressed immediately. We fully support the many protestors seeking to change this system, as well as the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Second, while Community IT has a long history of supporting social justice through our work with nonprofit organizations, the tragedies this summer have made us all question deeply as a company what actions we will take to create change. In addition to condemning police violence and racial injustice, what are we doing to address those issues? What could we be doing? What should we be doing?

These are serious and timely questions for us to consider, and they have weighed heavily on our hearts and minds. It is important for us as a company to consider these questions and ask ourselves, what do we do now?

We have started exploring the next steps we will take, as an employee owned company, to address grave social problems in a meaningful way. Actions that we are taking include seeking a consultant to train ourselves, so we understand how we have arrived where we are and how current issues have reached a tipping point. We will also be getting help to transform our company so that the structure and activities of the company further social and racial justice. We look forward to where we might go next, and we will keep our community informed as we seek to change.

You can read our updates and progress reports here.