Keep Your Organization’s Devices Secure with Endpoint Management

Endpoints represent all the devices – including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, firewalls, wireless access points, network switches, and printers – connected to your network. Our nonprofit IT services can ensure proper management of these devices to keep them protected, limiting the likelihood of attacks from outside threats and increasing reliability.

Why Endpoint Management?

Keep Your Organization Secure

Maintaining visibility and control of your endpoints is crucial to minimize the risk of a data breach. An endpoint management system can discover, manage, and control computing devices that request access to your network, preventing any unauthorized access.

Protection for a Mobile Workforce

As the workforce grows increasingly mobile, employees should be able to work from anywhere with little or no disruption. Endpoint management allows devices to be easily and safely managed outside the organization network.

Increase Operational Efficiency

When an organization’s devices are secure, there’s less likelihood of disruption from cyberattacks. Proper endpoint management helps keep operations running smoothly, reducing downtime.

We offer endpoint management to keep your organization’s devices safe.

There’s always a high potential for data theft or security problems with endpoints based on how these devices access a network. It can be challenging for an organization to keep all of its technology devices secure and free from threats.

How It Works

At Community IT Innovators, we implement an industry-leading solution and deploy it across your organization. This gives clients a system that is easy to manage and isn’t overly complicated while providing high levels of security.

In short, our endpoint management services will allow your organization to have peace of mind that your devices are safe.

Webinar: Nonprofit AI Framework

Join guest speakers Sarah Di Troia from Project Evident and Jean Westrick from the Technology Association of Grantmakers to walk through this new tool.

Wednesday, March 27 at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific.

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