100% Remote Work Implementation With Microsoft Cloud Case Study

The Challenge: Large Organization Needed to Move to 100% Remote Work IT Support Quickly.

What Is An Employee Owned Company?

What is an employee-owned company/ESOP? Community IT is an employee-owned MSP provider to nonprofits with a positive, sustainable workplace and a healthy work/life balance. Learn more.

Webinar: Nonprofit Cybersecurity Playbook

Join CTO Matthew Eshleman for the release of our newly updated Nonprofit Cybersecurity Playbook. April 21st from 3-4pm Eastern.

Community IT Voices: Sarah Wolfe, Account Associate

An interview with Sarah Wolfe about her career as a teacher and how she came to Community IT, being a woman in nonprofit tech, and what she would have told herself in high school to pursue a career in account management.

Video: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom. What Works Best for Nonprofits?

Guests Maya Grigorovich-Barsky and Liz Glaser from America’s Promise Alliance with Johan Hammerstrom discuss collaboration tools that work for nonprofits.

2021 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report Download

Download this 3d annual report which shares some of our experiences and insights and establishes a solid business case for making cybersecurity an organizational priority.

Do Nonprofits Need Cyberinsurance?

Cyberinsurance is increasingly a point of consideration for nonprofits – but determining your need for it requires consideration of a range of factors.

Video: 2021 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report

Video: CTO Matt Eshleman discusses our third annual Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report and how your organization can reduce your risk.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Charter Schools

Cybersecurity in the education space is different from the mid-sized nonprofit IT networks that Community IT typically supports. We’ve learned a few cybersecurity best practices for charter schools that can help you keep your technology both accessible and safe.

SolarWinds Breach Updates for Nonprofits

Updates on next steps for your nonprofit following new information on the cybersecurity incident at SolarWinds. Learn what you can do in response and explore more links and resources.

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