What Makes Nonprofit IT Unique?

Many nonprofits rely on IT support from generalists – service providers that aren’t specifically focused on the nonprofit space. Assuming […]

What Should IT Support Look Like for a 20- to 50-Employee Nonprofit?

As we’ve discussed before, nonprofit IT support is unique. There are challenges specific to the context – and, for smaller […]

Does Your Organization Need a Better Technology Roadmap?

Join Peter Mirus February 25th from 1-2pm for a webinar exploring IT planning for nonprofits and learn how to create a technology roadmap.

When Should Nonprofits Outsource IT Support?

For nonprofit organizations, determining when to outsource IT support can be a complicated decision. There’s unique pressure in nonprofit environments. […]

Onsite IT vs. Remote Helpdesk: Which Offers Better Tech Support for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits face high pressure to be operationally efficient. Typically, they’re working with tighter budgets than for-profit organizations due to the […]

What Should IT Support Look Like for a 50- to 100-Employee Nonprofit?

Nonprofit IT support is difficult. The challenges are many: Nonprofit systems face unique compliance considerations. Tech support must ensure that […]

Why Your Nonprofit Needs an Engaged IT Department

Your organization’s IT team is crucial to the overall health of your nonprofit. A great IT company can help you […]

How to Choose the Right IT Support for a Nonprofit

Like most services, some managed IT solutions are better than others. The best IT support for nonprofits will have no […]

IT Support for Nonprofits: A Strategic Guide

Technology systems are foundational to modern nonprofit work. No organization can run without email, file sharing, and cybersecurity. Technology streamlines […]

10 Free Cybersecurity Resources and Three to Pay For

We share 10 free resources on cybersecurity for nonprofits, such as keeping your login and identity safe, and 3 tools you should pay for to protect your nonprofit.

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