Webinar: Making IT Governance Work for Your Nonprofit

Join Nura Aboki and Jeff Gibson in a webinar exploring what IT policy documents you need, and how to create or revise them for your nonprofit.

Video: 2024 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report with Matt Eshleman

Matt Eshleman with the 6th Annual Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report on real emerging threats and practical approaches to nonprofit cybersecurity.

Video: Growing Your Nonprofit With Google Workspace

CEO Johan Hammerstrom, hosted by Nonprofit Learning Labs, in a new webinar on using Google Workspace effectively as you grow your nonprofit from your start up stage.

Podcast: Email Safety and Spam

Johan Hammerstrom shares tips and practical steps to decrease the junk emails, spam, and targeted phishing attacks in your inbox and protect yourself and your nonprofit.

Podcast: Assessments and IT Maturity

Nura Aboki, Community IT Senior Consultant, discusses the value of tech assessments and how they can help you determine your IT maturity level and invest accordingly.

SharePoint or Google Drive?

Is SharePoint or Google Drive a better place to share and store files?

Video: Nonprofit AI Framework

Join guest speakers Sarah Di Troia from Project Evident and Jean Westrick from the Technology Association of Grantmakers to walk through this much-needed tool.

Video: AI and Cybersecurity at Nonprofits

AI and Cybersecurity at Nonprofits presentation by Matt Eshleman hosted by Jitasa with tips and advice for financial departments and CFOs.

Community IT Voices: Jennifer Huftalen, Director of Client Services

Community IT Voices interview with Jennifer Huftalen, Director of Client Services, on the company work culture, her career path, and remote work.

Podcast: Talking to Your MSP (Managed Services Provider)

Talking to your MSP doesn’t have to be intimidating. Learn how to communicate your nonprofit’s IT business needs and build a good relationship.