Community IT Voices: David Dawson, Senior Engineer

Community IT Voices interview with David Dawson about his superpower: listening, and his superskill: solving IT puzzles as a Senior Engineer handling escalations from the Community IT help desk.

MSP501 Honored Community IT Innovators in 2022 15th Annual MSPs Ranked List

MSP501 Honored Community IT with a spot on the 2022 ranked list of top MSP providers worldwide, one of the only MSPs serving nonprofits exclusively to win.

Video: Cyber Insurance for Nonprofits

Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard from Lockton Insurance talks with cybersecurity expert Matt Eshleman about ways the market is changing and how to learn what coverage you need.

Community IT Voices: Saba Gebru, Director of Service Operations

Community IT Voices interview with Saba Gebru about her journey to Washington DC and how she turned her passion for nonprofits into an IT career.

Technical Debt and Nonprofit IT

What is technical debt and Nonprofit IT? Trying to catch up when you have underinvested in IT can seem overwhelming, but there are practical actions you can take to improve over time, increase security, spread costs out, and budget better.

2022 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report Download

Download this 4th annual report which shares some of our experiences and insights and establishes a solid business case for making cybersecurity an organizational priority.

Community IT Celebrates Juneteenth

Community IT Celebrates Juneteenth. We hope you and yours are also celebrating African-American freedom, families, heritage, and dreams.

Video: Managing Google Workspace and Office 365 Together

Norwin Herrera and Carolyn Woodard discuss managing a hybrid on-line platform, with Dominique Diggs from the Social Justice School in DC helping present a case study.

Migrating Within Google to Use Shared Drives

Migrating within Google to use shared drives for nonprofits isn’t as easy as it might seem. Learn how to get the most out of Google file sharing.

Google Shared Drive for Nonprofits

Google Shared Drive is an innovation in the Google Workspace suite that makes it particularly valuable to nonprofits. Learn how to get the most use out of it and how to talk to your staff about file sharing.