Video: How to Secure Office 365

Free video: learn how to secure Office 365, troubleshoot the set up, how to communicate with your staff essential security measures you expect them to take, and how to effectively share common hacking scenarios they can prevent.

How Can Nonprofits Get the Most Value From Outsourced It Support Providers?

This is a broad-but-important question. Nonprofits generally operate within very real resource constraints; functioning well requires streamlining expenditures and maximizing […]

Sale of Dot Org Domain Delay?

The proposed sale of the dot org domain has galvanized the nonprofit community, but may have been delayed this week in California. Stay up to date here with the background and resources your organization needs to know.

Video: Crafting a Nonprofit Cybersecurity Policy

Free video: learn how to create a nonprofit cybersecurity policy, how to dedicate leadership time and organization resources to preventing costly security incidents, and how to communicate policies with staff.

What Makes Nonprofit IT Unique?

Many nonprofits rely on IT support from generalists – service providers that aren’t specifically focused on the nonprofit space. Assuming […]

What Should IT Support Look Like for a 20- to 50-Employee Nonprofit?

As we’ve discussed before, nonprofit IT support is unique. There are challenges specific to the context – and, for smaller […]

Video: Does Your Organization Need a Better Technology Roadmap?

Video from Peter Mirus and Build Consulting exploring IT planning for nonprofits and how to create a technology roadmap.

When Should Nonprofits Outsource IT Support?

For nonprofit organizations, determining when to outsource IT support can be a complicated decision. There’s unique pressure in nonprofit environments. […]

Onsite IT vs. Remote Helpdesk: Which Offers Better Tech Support for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits face high pressure to be operationally efficient. Typically, they’re working with tighter budgets than for-profit organizations due to the […]

What Should IT Support Look Like for a 50- to 100-Employee Nonprofit?

Nonprofit IT support is difficult. The challenges are many: Nonprofit systems face unique compliance considerations. Tech support must ensure that […]

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