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Modern education should be empowered by technology, not hindered by it. Yet inadequate IT can prevent your educational organization from fully achieving its mission. That’s why we help organizations accomplish their objectives by providing dependable, smart, and strategic IT services so they can focus on what’s important – helping people access education.

If your nonprofit charter school or private school is struggling to support remote learning through technology, we can help. We have the technology partnerships and experience to help you make a change quickly or support what you already have in place. 

Does your education organization struggle with these IT issues?

Lack of Resources

It’s natural for education programs and services to take priority over areas like IT. Do you need an IT partner to help your strategic planning and budget forecast? Do you need a knowledgeable partner to evaluate education tech vendors so you get the best resources for your budget?

Lack of Security for Remote Learners

For education organizations supporting remote learning, student security is crucial both in virtual classrooms and in keeping their information private from hackers. But it can be difficult to maintain without a high-level strategy and the right IT solutions.

Virtual Systems Help Desk Support

Education organizations going 100% remote or taking a hybrid approach require quick, reliable help desk support in order to keep their tech applications serving students and staff seamlessly. Is your tech access slowing down learning? Are your staff and students frustrated trying to get the tech to work?

We equip educational organizations with intelligent IT.

We understand that for education organizations, students come first. That’s why we take care of your IT needs so you can focus on what matters. Our solutions can include unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support, proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team of experts.

If you are implementing a new virtual learning system or hoping to integrate new remote learning applications with existing products for HR or data, we can help. We can also troubleshoot your existing set-up and update your cybersecurity. 

We provide a depth and breadth of experience based on more than 25 years of exclusively serving nonprofits. We can help you create a strategic technology roadmap, implement what you have planned, or just keep your system running so you can focus on learning.

Case Study: How We Helped a Charter School Go Remote – Rapidly.

An adult charter school had a strategy to begin supporting remote learners – in four years. Then 2020 happened. Suddenly, plans for four years in the future needed to happen now.

We were able to partner with the school to quickly design and deploy remote capabilities, making virtual learning possible in a matter of months.

Learn how we did it – and how we can help your school do it, too.

Case Study: How We Helped a Charter School Manage
Google and Office 365 Together.

What happens when a single platform can’t meet all of an organization’s technology needs?
What situations warrant creating a deliberate hybrid solution between platforms like Microsoft and Google?

This case study of The Social Justice school’s hybrid environment setup explores what working in that environment looks like and ways to combat logistical challenges.

Learn how we did it – and how we can help your school do it, too.

How It Works

We work with your organization to craft a tailored service package based on your organizational goals. We don’t push a chosen few technologies or sell you a standard solution. We create the best solution for your individual needs.

Here’s what that looks like.

Define your educational objectives:

Our experts will consult with you to identify areas where technology and support can better serve your teachers and students.

Deploy better technology:

From fully virtual learning environments to cutting-edge classroom technology, our team will ensure you have the solutions you need.

Support your students and teachers:

Our IT support is designed to prioritize your needs and offer rapid resolution for any issues. Let’s make sure your teachers and students avoid setbacks.

Education Organization IT Services We Can Provide Include:

Outsourced IT Services

We provide unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support, proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team of experts for a cost-efficient monthly fee.

Supplemental IT Support

We provide supplemental support to fill gaps in staffing or expertise for nonprofit organizations with existing resources. Our services are tailored to your staffing model and technology environment.

IT Planning

We offer strategic IT planning and consulting to help you identify opportunities where technology can help your organization run more smoothly and provide better support to your mission.

Cloud Management

We evaluate and implement cloud and hosted solutions for your information technology needs. We ensure functionality and data are effectively and efficiently carried over into new environments.

Backups & Business Continuity

We help nonprofit organizations to select and implement remote backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions that fit your budget and needs and give you peace of mind.


We assess and strengthen your nonprofit's cybersecurity posture. Our unique history with non-profits allows us to provide cybersecurity solutions that align with your culture and needs.

Webinar: Is Your Nonprofit a Learning Organization?

Join Karen Graham for a discussion on the strategic advantages of growing a learning practice at your nonprofit on June 26th at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific

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