Empower Your In-House IT with an Expert Team

For larger nonprofits with in-house IT teams, we offer co-managed or supplemental IT support to fill any gaps in staffing or expertise. Our nonprofit IT services can be tailored to your specific staffing model and technology environment.

Need Coverage?

Internal IT resources are committed and constantly onsite, allowing them to be as hands-on as possible – but sometimes internal departments may lack expertise in a certain area or be insufficiently staffed to deal with every IT issue.

Co-managed or supplemental IT support can help your organization move from firefighting to future planning, and give you access to high-level strategic and tactical expertise in the areas where it’s most needed.

How It Works

As part of our initial meeting with your team, we evaluate your needs to ensure that our services match them.

Then we work with you to craft a tailored service package based on those needs and on your organizational goals. We always create the best solution – we don’t push a chosen few technologies or resell only a few solutions.


Our co-managed/supplemental IT support services include the following (and more, depending on your needs):

1. Helpdesk staffing and escalation support
2. Endpoint monitoring and management
3. Various managed services including server hosting, managed backups, and more
4. Any of our Technology Consulting services, including:
— IT project management and implementation
— IT planning
— Enterprise software selection


Based on our analysis, our expert team works to strategically plan and tactically execute IT solutions that empower your internal department. The result is better – and more dependable – IT for your organization.

Webinar: Single Sign On (SSO) for Your Nonprofit Organization

Join Steve Longenecker and Phil Oswald Christano for a deep dive into SSO and how it can help your nonprofit cybersecurity, on July 17th at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific

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