Enterprise Management by Mac Experts

We get it. Mac users love their Macs. You want to be able to support your staff whether you have a few Mac users to integrate or your organization is 100% Mac. But enterprise level Mac management systems are complex and made for large enterprises, making support cost-prohibitive at small or mid-sized nonprofits.

Mac management systems require high level technical expertise to configure, manage, monitor and integrate into day-to-day operations.

Our nonprofit IT services can ensure proper and secure outsourced management of Mac devices, in an all-Mac or hybrid Mac/Microsoft/Google environment.

Why Mac Enterprise Management?

Keep Your Staff Using the Devices They Prefer

Users’ productivity and preference for Mac workstations make changing platforms difficult. Outsourced enterprise management controls costs and ensures a proper, secure, and scalable solution for a few Macs or hundreds.

Protection for a Mobile Workforce

As the workforce grows increasingly mobile and remote work becomes a norm, employees should be able to work from anywhere with little or no disruption on their device of choice. Mac enterprise management allows Apple devices to be easily and safely managed remotely.

Utilize Outsourced Help Desk Support

Enterprise-level management of Mac environments is complex and costly for most in-house IT departments. Proper Mac enterprise management helps keep operations running smoothly, reducing downtime. When needed, our outsourced help desk can get your Mac users working again quickly.

We offer Mac enterprise management to keep your staff working on the systems they prefer—seamlessly.

We are one of the only MSPs serving nonprofits to offer Mac support services for nonprofits that want to outsource all or part of their IT support and hosted services.

Read our all-Mac management support for mid-sized nonprofit case study.

How It Works

At Community IT Innovators, we manage Macs at the enterprise level so you don’t have to. Stand alone Mac enterprise management systems are generally unnecessarily powerful for non-profit organizations of small or medium size. Centralized Mac management is expensive to build in-house, generally time consuming to configure, and difficult to maintain.

In short, our outsourced Mac enterprise management or hybrid Mac/other support services will allow your organization to have peace of mind that your staff are supported in their platform of choice. Outsourcing enterprise-wide management of your Mac environment just makes sense.

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