Avoid Disaster with Managed Backups

Your information systems and data are critical to the life and success of your organization. As part of our comprehensive suite of nonprofit IT services, managed backups can make sure your organization is protected.

Why Managed Backups?

Protection Against Cyberattacks

Ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks can compromise your systems. With managed backups, you can avoid the worst damages and be up and running again quickly.

Protection Against Human Error

Human error is a common cause of lost data and organizational downtime. With managed backups, user mistakes won’t mean major setbacks for your nonprofit organization.

Peace of Mind for Your Organization

Managed backups mean that you can trust your data is secured and redundant so that it’s there when you need it. Work with a trusted team to make backups seamless and effective.

We offer managed backups to keep your organization’s data safe.

It’s challenging for a nonprofit organization to develop an appropriate backup and business continuity plan. Doing it all – managing the security of your data assets, providing reasonable recovery points and recovery times, and keeping costs effective – is a complicated endeavor.

How It Works

At Community IT Innovators, our practice is to create a multi-layered, monitored, and constantly updated approach to data protection and business continuity. Just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean that it’s protected in a way that’s consistent with your expectations. We help our clients establish a good foundation of identifying where their data lives, determining how long it needs to be retained, and analyzing how often it needs to be backed up. In short, our managed backup services mean that you can have peace of mind knowing that your organization’s data is safe.

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