Migrating Within Google to Use Shared Drives

Migrating within Google to use shared drives for nonprofits isn’t as easy as it might seem. Learn how to get the most out of Google file sharing.

Google Shared Drive for Nonprofits

Google Shared Drive is an innovation in the Google Workspace suite that makes it particularly valuable to nonprofits. Learn how to get the most use out of it and how to talk to your staff about file sharing.

Microsoft Follina Vulnerability Impact on Nonprofits

Don’t click on email attachments to avoid a compromise at your nonprofit organization while the IT nonprofit community works to address the new vulnerability in Microsoft Office.

Google Workspace vs. Microsoft Office 365

Google Workspace vs Microsoft Office 365 – The answer is not as simple as you might think. Learn our latest advice on these two platforms.

IT Supply Chain Pain for Nonprofits

A worldwide supply chain crunch has hampered timely delivery of IT equipment to customers of all types. Learn what to order now for your nonprofit.

Good Tech Fest 2022

Community IT presented “Building the Foundation for IT Innovation for Nonprofits” at the Good Tech Fest virtual conference, May 2022.

Video: Cybersecurity Basics for Nonprofits – Defending Against Boggarts and Boogiemen

Presented at NTC2022, Sarah and Matt answer questions on how to understand cybersecurity basics and how to pitch the need for them to your nonprofit executives and board.

Community IT Voices: Johanny Torrico, Chief Operating Officer

Community IT Voices interview with Johanny Torrico on being the Chief Operating Officer, her career journey to the executive level, and what it takes to provide customer service as an IT provider.

Microsoft Pricing Changes for Nonprofits

Microsoft pricing changes include a price increase for Office 365 licenses that may impact your nonprofit organization.

Kaleidoscope: Diverse Perspectives on Thriving in Nonprofit Tech

Resources from panel discussions featuring four amazing women of color who shared their career experiences and explored ideas on creating inclusive workplaces.