Cloud vs. Local File Storage? Which is more Secure?

What type of risks are involved in moving all company records to the cloud vs local file storage? How do nonprofits best invest in cloud or local server technology and staff security training?

MSP501 Honors Community IT Innovators in 13th Annual MSPs Ranking

MSP501 Honors Community IT with a spot on the 2020 ranked list of top MSP providers worldwide, one of the only MSPs serving nonprofits to win.

Desktop or Laptop? Nonprofit Tech Decisions for Home and Office

Purchasing a new computer can be a daunting task. There are many options to consider: Do you need a desktop or a laptop? Windows or Mac? What technical specifications are best?

Blackbaud Cybersecurity Breach – Your Nonprofit’s Response Options

Our colleagues at Build Consulting presented a free webinar addressing the cybersecurity incident at Blackbaud, vendor of the Raiser’s Edge fundraising software used by many nonprofits.

Making the Case for Tech: A Nonprofit Workbook

The Community IT sponsored Idealware tech pitch kit has everything you need to convince nonprofit decision-makers that you are making the case for success.

Black Lives Matter

While Community IT has a long history of supporting social justice through our work with nonprofit organizations, the events of 2020have made us all question deeply as an employee-owned company what actions we will take to create change.

Do Nonprofits Need Cyberinsurance?

Cybersecurity stats show that nonprofits are operating in an increasingly risky digital world. The University of Maryland estimates that hackers […]

How To Create An Excellent Password

Nonprofits should train end users in how to create excellent passwords, use Single Sign On (SSO) to help users have fewer passwords to remember, and monitor accounts for compromise.

Nonprofits Should Require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Three Reasons

Nonprofits should require multi-factor authentication as one of many steps to safeguard their reputation and online security.

How to Create a Nonprofit Incident Response Plan

How would your nonprofit respond to a cyber incident? That is, essentially, the question that an incident response plan seeks […]

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