MSP501 Honored Community IT Innovators in 2021 14th Annual MSPs Ranked List

MSP501 Honored Community IT with a spot on the 2021 ranked list of top MSP providers worldwide, one of the only MSPs serving nonprofits to win.

Kaseya VSA Supply Chain Attack Update

The Kaseya VSA supply chain attack of July 2 has implications for many nonprofits using MSP IT support. Learn how to prevent ransomware hacks and protect your organization.

Digital Named Community IT Innovators Among Top 15 Best MSPs in Washington DC

Digital names Community IT one of the best 15 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Washington DC, out of 88 MSPs surveyed in the region, the only MSP exclusively serving nonprofits to win.

Community IT Voices: Robin Harris, Senior Helpdesk Analyst

An interview with Robin Harris about her career switch from charter school tech coordinator to the Helpdesk at Community IT a decade ago, and how there is no such thing as a typical day on her team.

Building the Foundation for IT Innovation: Download This Guide.

This Community IT Innovators guide is now available online for viewing and sharing. Learn how to set your nonprofit up for successful innovation with a solid technology foundation.

How Do I Know If An MSP Is Right For My Organization? Download This Guide.

This Community IT Innovators guide is now available online for viewing and sharing. Take this short self-assessment to learn the pros and cons of the MSP model and whether your nonprofit could benefit from outsourced IT support.

New 2021 Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits Playbook

The completely revised new Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits: Community IT Innovators Playbook is now available online for viewing and sharing. This playbook will help you organize your response to increasing cybersecurity risks, in language accessible to any nonprofit executive, decision maker, or IT staff who implements security.

What Is An Employee Owned Company?

What is an employee-owned company/ESOP? Community IT is an employee-owned MSP provider to nonprofits with a positive, sustainable workplace and a healthy work/life balance. Learn more.

Community IT Voices: Sarah Wolfe, Sales Manager

An interview with Sarah Wolfe about her career as a teacher and how she came to Community IT, being a woman in nonprofit tech, and what she would have told herself in high school to pursue a career in sales and account management.

2021 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report Download

Download this 3d annual report which shares some of our experiences and insights and establishes a solid business case for making cybersecurity an organizational priority.

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