This article from the Nonprofit Quarterly has some interesting ideas about Nonprofit Overhead – where IT Management and strategic decisions come into play to support programs – and explores these ideas through a series of pie chart graphics.

“How we visualize our understanding of nonprofit structure and programs shapes the overhead debate. It’s time to get graphic about our new ideas—to deploy fresh images to help educate the public, our funders, and ourselves.”

Community IT Innovators always argues that IT decisions are strategic decisions and all IT investments, upgrades, changes, and security need to be considered in the whole nonprofit environment. These are not decisions that can be separated out from functions and programs and the IT management team should always be integrated into executive decisions.

Vice versa, IT management decisions and project timing should be integrated into the rhythm and calendar of the organization not just to cause the least pain, but to take a rightful place at the table for annual scheduling and planning.

President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom discusses integration of IT and strategic planning in this video.

Nonprofit Overhead
Graphic image credit: Nonprofit Quarterly