Community IT Voices is a series featuring interviews with Community IT employees.
In this series, we talk about nonprofit technology career paths, career resources, skills, and certifications.
We will also touch on mentoring opportunities as you start out on your career
and ways to give back if you are further along.

Learn what employees at Community IT do, and learn what you need to know to join us!

For more information and to apply, check out our Careers page.

Community IT Voices: Phil Oswald Christano, Senior Engineer

Community IT Voices Phil Oswald Christano interview – being a Senior Engineer for almost 22 years at the same company, being a mentor, and how important it is to know who you are.

Community IT Voices: Jose Antonio Peña-Rosales, Service Desk Manager

An interview with Jose Antonio Peña-Rosales discusses his career path, what Community IT does to support clients on days when they are under technology stress, and what it was like joining the help desk as an immigrant to the DC area.

Community IT Voices: Robin Harris, Senior Help Desk Analyst

An interview with Robin Harris about her career switch from charter school tech coordinator to the Helpdesk at Community IT a decade ago, and how there is no such thing as a typical day on her team.

Community IT Voices: Sarah Wolfe, Sales Manager

An interview with Sarah Wolfe about her career as a teacher and how she came to Community IT, being a woman in nonprofit tech, and what she would have told herself in high school to pursue a career in sales and account management.