Community IT Innovators August 2017 News
In July, Community IT Innovators was proud to sponsor a new security policy workbook released by our colleagues at Idealware and available for free download from their site. More than half of the nonprofit organizations surveyed in a 2016 report said that they had experienced a data breach caused by an employee. Most of those security breaches were not caused by maliciousness, however, but by carelessness. Staff members often don’t know when they’re taking risks. Good and accessible technology policies protect your organization’s data and reputation by providing clear guidance on what’s acceptable and how to manage risky situations.
On July 19th Community IT Innovators’ CTO Matt Eshleman presented an updated webinar on Crafting Your Nonprofit IT Security Policy, and the link to the slides and recording are now available if you missed it. He takes you through a manageable outline to create or update a policy for your organization that will address different levels of access to data; confidentiality and security; emails, passwords, and 2 step authentication; and what policies need to be in place for staff devices. This is one of our most attended webinars this year, one of our most watched videos on YouTube, and certainly has struck a nerve within our community.
Next Webinar: 
Wednesday, August 23d from 4-4:30pm EDT join our colleague Peter Mirus with Build Consulting as he discusses how we are all data managers and how we can think differently to up our data management game. The skills you learn in this webinar will make you a better manager of data and a more valued employee to your organization. He’ll spend 15 minutes on the presentation and the remainder of the time answering your questions.
This webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers and nonprofit IT personnel. We welcome and encourage audience participation and love the chance to address practical and timely nonprofit technology situations in our monthly webinars.
Please note, we have many resources available on data management, migrating to the cloud for data storage, and data security.
Community IT Innovators August 2017 News

Propose an 18NTC Session! The nomination process is now open to propose an 18NTC Session April 11-13 in New Orleans in 2018. Whether you’re a longtime presenter or are new to the NTEN community and have never presented at the Nonprofit Technology Conference before, you can submit a session proposal until August 18th, and they will help you craft a proposal that shines. Read more
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