Data for Nonprofits to Use: From a Nonprofit Hub article on how nonprofits can best use data:
“Here’s the truth about data: it’s mostly fluff.
That’s right, most data is easy to gather, inspiring, rapidly-changing… and tells you nothing at all. At least, nothing by itself.
The biggest rule of data: measurement only matters if it changes the way you act
If our basic metrics aren’t attached to bigger, more meaningful metrics, knowing them doesn’t help us at all.”
You need to collect and share data in these three areas: fulfilling your promise (how you deliver); failure (what can you change?); and stories people can relate to (qualitative data).
Everyone in your organization can help define the data you want/need, strategize how to collect it without creating an employee time-suck, and weigh in on the most powerful ways to use and present the data you have.
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data for nonprofits to use