On July 10th our Founder and CEO photo of David Deal
David Deal left Community IT for his next career pursuit
creating a new Build Consulting which now will focus on information strategy consulting.
We gave him a month to settle in, then surprised him with a party and some sentimental moments as we wished him well August 20th.
It’s hard to describe the event as we marked the passing of an era – the passing of the baton to me – and celebrated the career of our  leader, mentor and friend.  Especially as he is not retiring in any way and remains involved and committed to Community IT as the chair of our Board.photo of David Deal and Johan Hammerstrom
We were able to keep it a surprise, which was itself a surprise.
This next step on our journey with Community IT was marked by joy and excitement as we heard of David’s new direction and his own energy following our transition.
And the evening was bittersweet as well, as we gave thanks to the man who, through his own style of servant-leadership, seems always to encourage those around him to join him in the spotlight and credit each other and our community as much as himself.
All of this reflects David’s deep commitment to service. And there is no better example of this than his decision to forego sole ownership back in 2005 and turn the company into an Employee Owned business. And then remain for 10 more years to help guide the company into long term sustainability.
In other words, David Deal always saw himself as the steward of a mission and work that was greater than him, greater than me, greater than any one of us individually. And he consistently took the steps necessary to ensure that both the mission and work of Community IT would live on successfully no matter where life and career would take him. And I think it is in this selflessness that David has truly blessed us all and given so much of himself.
David, thank you for being a strong, generous and caring leader. We are forever grateful for your integrity, honesty and passion for work.