Computer Trap GraphicSome of you have probably heard about the newly discovered zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Microsoft has released a security advisory for a recently discovered vulnerability that affects Internet Explorer versions 6 – 11.
While the vulnerability can be blocked, those steps would render Internet Explorer unusable for many websites including some of the IE-only websites such as secure banking and ActiveX-driven applications.
What can I do?
For this vulnerability we’re following the guidance of US CERT that in lieu of a patch or viable mitigating adjustment to IE, we recommend using another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Community IT is also accelerating the deployment of Flash updates issued by Microsoft and Adobe, as well as the IE patch released on May 1 by Microsoft. We can also deploy an alternate browser for managed clients.
For assistance or concerns, please reach out to your network manager or directly to the Community IT Help Desk.
Please also note that no patch will be released for Windows XP since Microsoft no longer supports that operating system.
Additional resources
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US CERT Vulnerability Note (#222929)
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