To prepare for this month’s webinar on planning and managing an office move from the IT standpoint, I’ve been googling.  And googling.  And googling.  Lots of mover sites with checklists on moving your physical stuff to your new office, lots of advice on moving your nonprofit across state lines (phew! If you are doing that, good luck!) – but not a lot out there on how to manage the IT side of your move.  Which is surprising, when we know many – most? – horror stories have to do with calling your internet provider over and over as your email still isn’t up days after your move!
Here’s an oldie but hopefully a goody from the folks at Cisco in 2010 – a basic checklist of 8 items to consider from the IT point of view when you move.
Join us next week when William Maxwell and Rick Alloway share many more than 8 points from our considerable experience in making the IT portion of the move go smoothly and keeping your staff productive through the stress of the move.  A move can be the time for your IT to shine!
Making sure your new office has good lunch options around – that’s up to you.