techresources2Our nonprofit clients often ask us how they can save money on technology. They are also interested in getting the latest technology research, and accessing training to keep up with the latest technology trends. We often refer them to Techsoup for discounts for software, Idealware for their great research and webinars, and NTEN for connecting with people in the nonprofit technology community.
We thought it would be great to invite these groups to share information about the services they offer to nonprofits, so we invited them to present at a webinar on Technology Resources for Nonprofits on January 24th. We discovered there is a lot of synergy in the work of these organizations. Each one offers different types of technology resources to help nonprofits save money, learn and share best practices. We got a tremendous response for the webinar. Many of the webinar participants were not aware of the resources offered by these organizations.
We would like to give special thanks to the webinar presenters–Barbara Shaughnessy, Program Manager of Products at TechSoup Global, Annaliese Hoehling, Publications Director with NTEN and Ryan Triffitt, Marketing and Partnerships Manager with Idealware–for taking the time to share what their organizations have to offer with our community.
If you didn’t make it make it to the webinar, click here to check out the webinar recording and see the presentation slides below.

NTEN – Technology Resources for Nonprofits Webinar 012413 from Community IT Innovators

TechSoup Global – Technology Resources for Nonprofits Webinar 012413 from Community IT Innovators

Idealware – Technology Resources for Nonprofits 012413 from Community IT Innovators