Guest Blogger Tim Forbes, Vice President of Products and Marketing at PICnet, orchestrates the ongoing development of PICnet’s web solutions and gets the word out on how they can make nonprofits more efficient and effective. In this blog post, he shares how they helped the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington  integrate Salesforce with their website.
Short and sweet, baby. That’s what we aim to keep this little guest post. We at PICnet are nothing if not focused on helping nonprofits be as efficient and effective as possible. We know your time is valuable. That’s why we build powerful web solutions so nonprofits can get the most out of that valuable time to meet their missions.
That was the goal when we teamed up with the good folks at the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington – to integrate their Salesforce instance with their website to make them more efficient and effective in building an alliance of nonprofits to solve problems that no one organization can solve alone.
Let’s hit the top ten ways that the Nonprofit Roundtable’s site does that – all through integrating their Salesforce instance with our Non-Profit Soapbox content management system.
1. Receive donations with real-time Salesforce integration
Money is kind of important. Keeps the lights on. Keeps salaries paid. Keeps the mission moving. With their Non-Profit Soapbox site, the Roundtable can receive donations online without the donor ever leaving their site – and that donation information gets automatically pushed into Salesforce in real-time for easy tracking and fast reporting.
Curious to learn more? Watch how it all works for a 3 foot tall inflatable penguin nonprofit accidental techie:

Soapbox Engage: Secure online donations with real time integration

2. Receive member dues with real-time Salesforce integration
As goes donations, so goes member dues. Non-profit members can swipe their credit cards online to become members or to keep their memberships current – all from the Roundtable’s site and all with the payment information automatically sent to Salesforce in real-time.
3. Event management with real-time Salesforce integration
The Roundtable offers some fantastic events for their members. With their new site, they can easily manage those events, display them in different areas of their site filtered by different audiences, show them in a calendar view, offer discounted member-only pricing, take free or paid reservations, and much more – again, with those reservations automatically posting to Salesforce in real-time.
4. Online application process
Gone is the downloadable document filled out by prospective members and sent back for manual entry by Roundtable staff. Now nonprofits provide information online and that information is automatically – you guessed it! – posted to Saleforce in real-time for easy processing. Take a moment to check out their online application form. They’ve even got a handy one for Affiliate Members from the business community that takes their information and processes payment all in one step.
5. Searchable membership directories
Integrations between Salesforce and Non-Profit Soapbox are about more than pushing data to Salesforce. Soapbox can grab data from Salesforce and display it on a website – all formatted to look like the website and in a way that allows visitors to search to their heart’s content. That suited the Roundtable down to the ground, allowing them to provide searchable directories of their members that display Salesforce data in real-time. Check out their Roundtable, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, and Affiliate members- complete with organization logos and Twitter and Facebook links all included through the Salesforce integration tools.
6. Password-protected accounts for self-service membership management
Why update your Salesforce account when members can do that themselves, thought the Roundtable. We agreed – and setup a password-protected members area that allows nonprofits to update the information appearing in their profile – again, all in real-time.
7. Dues payment history and membership status for members
Is a member curious about when their last dues payment was made or when their membership expiration date is? They can login to their account and see it all updated in real-time through the integrations with Salesforce.
8. Searchable map of members
For the visually-inclinded among us, you might dig the map of the 300 Roundtable members that runs on Google Maps technology and populates by an easy one-two process of downloading Salesforce data and slurping it up into Soapbox through a CSV file.
9. Multiple landing pages with eye-catching slideshows and targeted content
How do you take one organization’s website and allow it to speak to three different communities? You work with a flexible content management system like Non-Profit Soapbox that can point three different domains to three different landing pages that offer eye-catching content for those three unique audiences. Check out the main Roundtable landing page, the Northern Virginia landing page, and the Montgomery County landing page. From there, the Salesforce integration is set to filter data based on those different website sections to provide a unique experience for each community – all tied to the same underlying Salesforce data.
10. Ability to expand integration as needs evolve: Job postings
With a tool as powerful as Salesforce and integrations as flexible as Soapbox, the Roundtable has bunches and bunches of ways their site can grow and evolve over time to meet the needs of their staff and members. The latest will be to offer a job board that nonprofits can post to and visitors can seach – all powered by Salesforce and working seamlessly in their site.
Future integrations: Email marketing from Salesforce
We’re not stopping with this list of ten. We’re in the process of rolling out Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce to augment integrations with Salesforce. Email your donors, members, supporters, advocates, ex-girlfriends, future boyfriends, foreign dignitaries, the entire state of Texas, people named Bob – whomever you want – directly within Salesforce for less.
How much less? Try 10¢ for every 1,000 emails with a monthly subscription fee. All coming very soon.
For more information
Interested in integrating your website with Salesforce or learning more about Soapbox Mailer for Salesforce? Let us know! We can help you out even if you’re not looking to move off your current website with Soapbox Engage.