I’ll admit it, I kind of wait out March Madness until we all regain our collective minds each year.  But this short article today struck me as highly relevant to our nonprofit tech community, especially as we explore moving data and documents online and to the cloud.
Many of our clients and partners are chasing data that either drives their work or backs up their achievements – much of it shallow and often scarce.  Do you have a good handle on where the essential data crucial to your organization lives, who has access to it, and who controls it?

..the reality (is) that an entire sport’s advanced metrics wing can be wiped off the map by a few nerds absconding with a few hard drives and turning off their phones. This is a corollary to the more global lack of statistical interrogation of women’s basketball — the data isn’t just shallow, it’s scarce, and that scarcity makes it fragile.
FiveThirtyEight “A Website Went Offline And Took Most of Women’s College Basketball Analytics With It”