If you missed the webinar on Security Readiness for your nonprofit you can find the slides and recording here.
Community IT Innovators CTO Matt Eshleman covers new risks and new systems to deter hackers in this fascinating webinar. Seeing news of all the security breaches recently can make you really paranoid about the risks to your organization. This webinar shows that with a little ongoing attention to the problem you can protect your organization without breaking the bank or losing your mind.
Matt presents the five laws of “hackernomics” – the social science that studies the business of hacking. In the absence of security education or experience, people naturally make poor security decisions with technology – so you should engineer your system to be easy to use securely and difficult to use insecurely. Matt also shares an invaluable security checklist from Community IT Innovators and many security resources and white papers for further reading.
Security Readiness slides

photo credit: bmward_2000 Vintage Bank Vault via photopin (license)