Tom Gardiner

As an IT Business Manager, Tom works as a trusted partner with his clients to assure the best IT solutions are resourced and implemented for the company’s mission.  This management style provides for the maximum value from the IT resources to meet the needs for the clients.

Tom works with the C-Suite of managers to plan and provide strategic direction for the Technology Operations team. He is responsible for ensuring the security, availability, and performance of IT services, including end user support, infrastructure technologies, business systems, and applications.   Tom has a strong infrastructure background and experience managing operations across a broad set of IT functions, including data center infrastructure, networks, distributed applications, PCs and mobile devices.

In his off time, Tom looks forward to sailing with family and friends on the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.

Webinar: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom. What Works Best for Nonprofits?

Join guests Maya Grigorovich-Barsky and Liz Glaser from America’s Promise Alliance with Johan Hammerstrom and Johanny Torrico March 17th from 3-4pm Eastern to discuss collaboration tools that work for nonprofits.

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