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Community IT offers free webinars monthly to promote learning within our nonprofit technology community. These past webinar videos are appropriate for a varied level of technology expertise and always reflect practical real life participant questions! Community IT is vendor-agnostic and our videos cover a range of topics and discussions. Something on your mind you don’t see covered here? Contact us to suggest a topic!

Webinar: Nonprofit Tech FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Join CEO Johan Hammerstrom and Pat Sprehe for a webinar on avoiding the fear of missing out and learning how to make the best IT decisions for your nonprofit, on August 21st at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific

Video: Single Sign On (SSO) for Your Nonprofit Organization

Steve Longenecker and Phil Oswald Christano do a deep dive into SSO and how it can help your nonprofit cybersecurity.

Video: Is Your Nonprofit a Learning Organization?

Karen Graham discusses the strategic advantages of growing a learning practice at your nonprofit.

Video: Making IT Governance Work for Your Nonprofit

Nura Aboki and Jeff Gibson in a webinar exploring what IT policy documents you need, and how to create or revise them for your nonprofit.

Video: 3 AI Impacts on Cybersecurity at Nonprofits

A presentation by Matt Eshleman for the Good Tech Fest virtual conference on how to protect your nonprofit from new AI threats.

Video: 2024 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report with Matt Eshleman

Matt Eshleman with the 6th Annual Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report on real emerging threats and practical approaches to nonprofit cybersecurity.

Video: Growing Your Nonprofit With Google Workspace

CEO Johan Hammerstrom, hosted by Nonprofit Learning Labs, in a new webinar on using Google Workspace effectively as you grow your nonprofit from your start up stage.

Video: Nonprofit AI Framework

Join guest speakers Sarah Di Troia from Project Evident and Jean Westrick from the Technology Association of Grantmakers to walk through this much-needed tool.

Video: AI and Cybersecurity at Nonprofits

AI and Cybersecurity at Nonprofits presentation by Matt Eshleman hosted by Jitasa with tips and advice for financial departments and CFOs.

Video: Nonprofit Digital Health Workshop

Guest speaker Tim Lockie from The Human Stack in a workshop focused on smaller nonprofits struggling to manage IT.