Through the NoiseDavid Deal, Community IT CEO, was recently interviewed by Ernesto Gluecksmann of Infamia, Vanessa French of Pivot Point, and Blake Althen of Human Factor, on  Through the Noise podcast.  In the podcast, David talks about the history of Community IT and the evolving world of nonprofit technology.

Here are a few snippets from the interview.
“It is the ‘Wild West’ in technology right now. There are so many options out there. We start every engagement with an assessment.  What are they trying to accomplish as an organization? What’s important about how they use technology?  And we align the solution to that.
Our typical client is large enough to have complexity to their IT needs, but is small enough to where they don’t have a substantial in-house IT team.
Most of the people at nonprofits are there for a purpose-driven reason, and we attract staff to our company for the same reason. Our staff wants to do meaningful work, and we put them at organizations that do good work in the world. Having a sense of purpose is important for having engaged employees.”