Congress voted to relax internet privacy rules, allowing internet service providers to utilize and sell customer data without needing permission and without disclosure. Since most of us don’t thoroughly read terms and agreements to begin with, one could ask what will change with the new standards.
This CNET article about using VPNs as a go-between with your ISP answers questions about just how shady companies have been, how much shadier this ruling will allow them to be and what consumers can do to protect their privacy. From the article: “..”This ruling has shined a light on carriers’ and ISPs data practices … and we expect that will mean an uptick in the number of consumers changing how they do things …””
If you have security questions about your IT practices we have many resources including recent webinars to help you. In April we will be presenting on Single Sign On (SSO) which adds a layer of convenience and increases security for all your cloud applications.
photo of locks VPNs