What IT policies do you need? What are the best ways to create them? How do you roll them out to all staff?

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In pt 1 Jeff and Nura explain and define the basic essential policies and discuss the process to create or revise them. In pt 2 (coming soon!) they delve into implementation and roll out, common barriers to starting or completing the project, and take audience questions. 

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Community IT Senior Consultant Nura Aboki and guest Jeff Gibson from Build Consulting took your questions on where to find nonprofit IT policy templates, how to overcome barriers and modify the templates to your organizational needs and strategic goals, and how to get the stakeholders on board and roll out training on the new policies to all staff.

If you are feeling paralyzed about starting this project to create or revise your policies, this discussion will give you a roadmap on how to move forward. Learn about making IT governance work for your nonprofit.

Is your nonprofit protected?

In our work with clients over the twenty years we have been providing outsourced IT services, Community IT has frequently run into clients with no Acceptable Use Policy at all. In addition to protecting your organization from employee misuse of equipment, IT governance policies are strategic documents that need regular review to stay in alignment with your nonprofit’s goals and tactics.

If your organization has no IT governance documents or they haven’t been updated in a while, this webinar teaches how and where to start creating these vital documents. Our panelists also shared their experiences and successful strategies to roll out these policies to all staff, and gave ideas on updating your training on these policies to be fun and engaging. The key takeaway? Collaborating: the IT department needs to work with other teams to incorporate various needs and insights.

Your organization’s protection from cyber crime and multiple legal issues rests on your staff understanding and following your IT policies. Don’t get caught without policies you can rely on and refer back to when situations with cyber attacks or disgruntled employees arise.

As with all our webinars, this presentation is appropriate for an audience of varied IT experience.

Community IT and Build Consulting are proudly vendor-agnostic and our webinars cover a range of topics and discussions. Webinars are never a sales pitch, always a way to share our knowledge with our community.


Nura Aboki

Nura is a Senior Consultant at Community IT. In that role, he proactively oversees technology infrastructure for select clients, providing strategic IT advice, recommending IT solutions and solution design to meet business objectives, and then overseeing solution implementations. Nura provides leadership and guidance for strategic planning and solutions architecting with clients who have sophisticated technical and business requirements. He gathers core business, technical and IT service management requirements through a variety of activities including key stakeholder interviews, document review and technical assessments. 

Nura started his career at Community IT as a Network Administrator. In 2012, he was promoted to Network Engineer and assumed a supervisory role in IT service operations, then became an IT Business Manager, where he has guided some of our largest clients through complex implementation of effective technology investments and utilizing efficient IT services in direct support of their missions. He has a lot of experience in making IT governance work for your nonprofit.

Prior to joining Community IT Innovators, Nura served as a member of the technical support team at George Washington University and held a Network Specialist role at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria. Nura holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, both from George Washington University.

Jeff Gibson

With over 25 years of experience, Jeff Gibson has led key initiatives in various sectors, including non-profits, government, startups, and in corporate settings. He has a proven track record of improving operations and managing costs to support growth in both large organizations and small enterprises. 

Build Consulting only works with nonprofits, foundations, associations, and higher education organizations, bringing unmatched experience leading nonprofit technology transformation to their clients. Working with nonprofit organizations is their exclusive focus and over the years their team members have performed assessments and created technology roadmaps for more than 500 local, national, and global nonprofit organizations.

Carolyn Woodard Making IT Governance Work for Your Nonprofit

Carolyn Woodard is currently head of Marketing and Outreach at Community IT Innovators. She has served many roles at Community IT, from client to project manager to marketing. With over twenty years of experience in the nonprofit world, including as a nonprofit technology project manager and Director of IT at both large and small organizations, Carolyn knows the frustrations and delights of working with technology professionals, accidental techies, executives, and staff to deliver your organization’s mission and keep your IT infrastructure operating. She has a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University and received her undergraduate degree in English Literature from Williams College. She was happy to moderate this webinar and learn more on making IT governance work for your nonprofit.

Transcription coming soon!