In somewhat unexpected, but not surprising, news on Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it had acquired Wunderlist. For the unfamiliar, Wunderlist is a cloud based, list and task management service with apps for most operating systems (iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, etc). Wunderlist is a classic example of a mid-2010s productivity app. Cloud first, mobile first, on all platforms and devices. Serious, but with a hint of irreverence. Prosumer (consumer + professional), as they say.
In acquiring Wunderlist, Microsoft is doubling down on its strategy of cloud based productivity software. Pursuing its goals through acquisition is nothing new to Microsoft, but it could herald in a new era of consolidation in the software industry. Much as the late 90s and early 00s witnessed Microsoft bringing a vast array of desktop productivity software under its umbrella; Excel, PowerPoint, Visio all joined Microsoft as acquisitions.
CEO Satya Nadella continues to demonstrate a deft, but firm, strategic hand as he guides the company into its new era.