Panel Plenary on Innovation
“A rock star panel that eats innovation for breakfast.” I’m not sure what that actually means exactly…we’ll see.
We shouldn’t confuse innovation with iteration. What example could we use…oh, how about Apple? I hadn’t thought of that before. Change will not always be innovation. Just look at the Nano.
Lack of innovation is due to lack funders who are willing to support innovation, and the aversion to failure in the sector.  That makes a lot of sense to me…we shouldn’t keep blaming non-profits for limitations imposed by funders.
NPOs need to start aligning your revenue with the service you deliver.
Is the 501c3 model dead? Maybe…the panelist who actually works in a non profit really pointed the finger at funders, and also identified barriers to scaling as a problem.
“One person cannot change the world alone. A strong team is always more powerful than a strong individual.”
Managing Mobile Devices #12NTCManMobile
Salon format with open discussion. Fairly even distribution of 40 staff between BYOD and Org provided.
Only a handful of attendees have started to investigate MDM solutions, much less use them.
Not many people have a full fledged mobile device policy. It’s more complicated than you think. What are some elements?

MDM Tools

Other Mobile-Like Risks

Tidbits :
One admin has put in a web filter to block outbound and inbound SSN and CC #s for PCI compliance
New Google Apps MDM tool supports both Android and iOS.
Blackberry Mobile Fusion is a new MDM that is supposed to leverage RIM’s MDM strengths for all devices.
Technology Governance #12NTCTechGov
Session posted at  Feedback from discussion:

Overall it was a great conference!  Had a great time.