Dan Roam Plenary
We can solve our problems with picures. That was the basic message from “that guy who draws pictures on the back of napkins.” There honestly wasn’t much more to it than that. You can watch the recording if you are interested in hearing more.
Disaster Planning #12ntcdp
TechSoup has a resource at www.techsoup.org/toolkits/disasterplan
Increasingly disperse workforce means there is more to lose.
Broke into small groups and discussed DR planning. It is all over the place. Some orgs are in great shape. Quite a few are still using tape.
Zen and the Art of Workflow Development #12NTCZenwk
Data is fine, but where does it come from? You need to understand how it is collected and that’s where workflows come in.
Important to make a picture to see if understanding of the process is shared and aligned throughout the organization.
Protocols are important so that work is done consistently and in a streamlined and efficient manner.
Start with the concrete and build up. Starting with the 3 year strategic plan can be confusing and abstract. Start with what they know. Or maybe start with goals, said the next slide. Goals need to be kept in mind. Stay focused on the actual work that people are doing.
Tips for developing workflow diagrams

  1. Doing “back of the napkin”, hand drawn workflow diagrams can be more approachable and engaging than a formalized Vision or Powerpoint diagrams.
  2. Keep it simple and straightforward.
  3. Stop thinking about the database and focus on the information and how it enters and flows through the organization.
  4. Check out @LucidChart www.lucidchart.com
  5. It must be a participatory process to have any value

IT Governance for Not-for-Profits #12NTCITGov
Business Strategy is the primary driver and, with compliance, guides IT Governance -> IT Strategy -> IT Projects -> Infrastructure <- Risk Management
Be careful not to overdo it when bringing in IT Governance concepts from the corporate world, it could be overkill. But RACI planning is important.
Is IT a priority for the organization? If so, are they willing to put their money where their mouth is. It really boils down to the investment.
Who is responsible for achieving alignment? Everyone. Ultimately the ED/CEO, but its on IT to educate and emphasize.
Define IT Performance by

“As IT evolves the key differentiator for a good IT Dept will be helping staff use the technology better.”
Tidbit: Google Apps 99.999 includes maintenance windows, Office 365 excludes it.
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