Topic: Is Dropbox Your Next File Server?
Date: November 2016

We get many questions on moving to the cloud, especially regarding the myriad of available platforms . What are the advantages of each solution?  How do you know what you need, what platform will be a good fit with your organization needs and culture, and how do you manage a migration project? How much is it going to cost?
For our last webinar of 2016 please join us for an in-depth and hands-on look at the pros and cons of using Dropbox as a cloud-based replacement for your file server.  Director of IT Consulting Steve Longenecker shares the many caveats and lessons learned gained through his experience of helping dozens of nonprofits implement Dropbox as a primary file sharing solution. He provides some comparisons with SharePoint and other cloud file servers, while focusing primarily on an exploration of Dropbox. It is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers and nonprofit IT personnel.
As Director of IT Consulting, Steve Longenecker divides his time at Community IT between project managing client projects and consulting with clients on IT planning. Steve’s appreciation for working at Community IT Innovators is rooted in respect for the company’s dream and vision, and for the excellent colleagues that the dream and vision attract.
Before coming to Community IT, Steve was a classroom educator, teaching middle school science for three years at Takoma Park Middle School and four years at The Rashi School (in metro Boston, MA). At the Rashi School, Steve was also the school’s IT Coordinator. Steve is MCSE certified. He has a B.A. in Biology from Earlham College in Richmond, IN and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Tufts University in Massachusetts. Steve is married and has two young children. One of his favorite activities is playing Ultimate Disc.

photo credit: farouq_taj Project365-Day21 via photopin (license)