Identifying IT Risks Slides: If you missed this week’s webinar on Identifying IT Risks, you can check out the slides and recording here.
From the webinar: not only is your technology infrastructure constantly changing, so are the threats to your technology health.  Whether from malicious attacks, natural disaster, compliance issues, staff training, an office move, or any other vulnerability – the trick outlined in this webinar is to put practices in place to alert you of changes or issues so that you can mobilize what is needed to meet threats to your business.
How often do you perform a systems check to assess your level of vulnerability and evaluate what you have in place to secure your technology?
Eva Townsend and Nura Aboki perform routine Technology Assessments on existing and new clients several times a month and share our best practices for reviewing IT risks and putting safeguards in place.
The webinar slides and recording are aimed at IT and Nonprofit Managers who oversee IT and are in practical English not technical language.
Identifying IT Risks Slides