If you missed May’s webinar from our partners at Build Consulting on Successful Nonprofit Technology Change Management you can catch up on the slides and recording here.
Peter Gross from Build presents a powerful framework for thinking about how technology works at your organization, which technologies you will get people to adopt and why, and which technologies (and organizations!) should be allowed to lie where they are, to avoid joining the 50% of nonprofit technology projects that fail.
This was one of our most popular webinars to date – and you can still benefit from Peter’s experience at this link.
In June Johan Hammerstrom will present a webinar on Latest Nonprofit Cloud Strategies. Now that you know if your organization can and should change, and how to handle the change, dive into a discussion of the costs, benefits, and pitfalls of moving even further into the cloud. If you don’t know your SaaS from your IaaS, join Johan June 21st.
change management slides