Final part 5 in our series.

Over the past 5 years, nearly every Community IT infrastructure project has included some cloud document management component. As we have helped clients plan and migrate their platform for managing documents to the cloud, several trends have started to emerge.

In this series of posts we’re covering different aspects of a migration project and how to be successful. As you think more seriously about migrating to a cloud based document management solution please consider our tested and proven methodology:

Checklist of Questions for Consultants on Cloud Migration Projects

Be sure to ask your consultant, IT Provider, Managed Services Provider (MSP), or IT Department the following questions before embarking on a cloud migration project.




This checklist concludes our 2017 series on migrating your organization to a cloud based document management system.  If you missed the previous posts you’ll find links at the top.
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Johanny TorricoJohan Hammerstrom, Abdul Musa and Carolyn Woodard contributed to this series.