The Challenge: What Cloud Platform to Connect Remote Staff to Shared Information Systems?

Community IT guided the client in choosing and implementing a next generation technology platform that would support their remote staff. 

The client teaches young people to express themselves through the art of playwriting, and inspires them to realize the power of their own voices. Over 1,500 students in the Washington, DC region participate in playwriting activities every year.

The client had six staff all working remotely and occasionally in a small office. They had an old, aging server that crashed constantly. They did not have reliable remote access to files.

They wanted to find a “serverless” file sharing solution that would allow them to securely access files in the office and remotely.

The Solution: Hybrid Cloud Platform

The client needed to identify an information systems solution that would allow their staff to work in the office and remotely, and work with clients and program participants. A hybrid cloud-based platform was the answer. Community IT proceeded with a cloud platform selection and implementation.

The first steps in Cloud Management are an assessment of needs and evaluation of solutions.

Community IT worked with the client to 

In performing the work, Community IT relied heavily on its considerable experience with non-profit organizations, its business analysis capabilities, and its experience in helping organizations to select and successfully implement Cloud-based systems.

The Results: Cloud Platform Selection and Implementation Success and Improved Remote Staff Support

The client relied on Community IT to guide them in choosing and implementing a next generation technology platform that would support their global operations. 

Community IT worked with the client to:

The client appreciated having a vendor-agnostic partner to guide and support them through the process.

The Executive Director said: “The freedom to access our data securely from anywhere with internet access has completely revolutionized the way we work.”  The client felt very supported throughout the process, and appreciated the responsiveness of Community IT staff.  Moving to the hybrid cloud solution has helped to increase staff morale and productivity.

The client appreciated the excellent technical support and consultative relationship Community IT provides. Careful planning and implementation are key to any technology change. Community IT’s long-standing expertise in nonprofit constraints set your nonprofit IT project up for success.