If you missed the August webinar “We Are All Data Managers. Learn How To Up Your Game” you can catch the slides and YouTube recording here.
Our colleague Peter Mirus at Build Consulting discusses 6 steps to becoming a nonprofit data management ninja and shares several books and resources that can improve your skills at managing data at your organization. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but parts of it were. Peter shares incremental ways that you can learn data management and add valuable insights into your organization’s data.
One question Peter addresses how you get everyone at an organization to recognize and fulfill a role as a data manager if it is not their primary function at your organization, and if your organization is not fully staffed or doesn’t have many resources for data gathering or analysis.
We have not settled on a topic for the upcoming September 20th webinar yet. If you want to suggest a topic, please tweet us at @CommunityIT or use the contact us form to the right.
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