Dropbox Your New File Server?

If you missed our Dropbox Your New File Server? webinar in November you can catch the slides and recording here.
In this webinar we answer some of the questions we get frequently about moving to the cloud, especially regarding the myriad of available platforms, by focusing on one product: Dropbox. What are the advantages?  How do you know what you need and whether Dropbox will be a good fit with your organization needs and culture?
Director of IT Consulting Steve Longenecker shares his experience helping dozens of nonprofits implement Dropbox as a primary file sharing solution. While he provides some comparisons with SharePoint and other cloud file servers, he primarily focuses on an exploration of Dropbox. The webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers and nonprofit IT personnel.
Dropbox Your New File Server

photo credit: farouq_taj Project365-Day21 via photopin (license)