At Community IT continuous education is an essential value.  We couldn’t be more pleased at this recent article in Certification Magazine on our new colleague Erik Fernandez, an inspirational story of achieving dreams in the United States.  We’re honored to have Erik at Community IT!

“Two years ago, Erik Fernandez got bit by the wanderlust bug. He took a sabbatical from his job in Costa Rica and began an around-the-world trip — first stop, Washington, D.C. … and there it ended. “I loved D.C. and just decided to stay,” he said. “This place really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a career in IT.” Seeing a brighter future for himself, Erik settled down, obtained a work permit and eventually a green card. He hasn’t looked back since.”

Read the whole story on CertStudent, “a recurring feature [of Certification Magazine] that profiles students of all ages who are pursuing certification at schools, in training programs, and on their own time (and own dime).”