imageThe Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research builds unique partnerships to support innovative science addressing today’s food and agriculture challenges.
With 9.7 billion people projected to populate the world by 2050, our food system must evolve. Sustainably nourishing the growing global community demands transformative discoveries from the best and brightest scientists. The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research brings together leading experts to identify and investigate the researchable questions whose answers have the potential to enhance the economic and environmental resilience of our food supply.
The Foundation knows that innovative science cannot happen without collaborative thinking from a strong, diverse, and creative workforce. That’s why they work to elevate the visibility of food and agriculture research in the scientific arena. By supporting and spotlighting leaders breaking new ground in food and agriculture, the Foundation strives to inspire the next generation of scientists to pursue careers that help put food on every table.
The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research’s work includes

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